Black Rock - Praia da Luz


Excellent conditions to enjoy sailing and windsurfing

Praia da Luz is “blessed” by the well known Nortada, an offshore wind coming from the northwest quadrant and providing excellent conditions to practice such activities.


The Beach Hut Sailing centre, using only the latest equipment, has got a large selection of gear at your disposal, from initiation level up to advanced levels, and it is no doubt the right place to learn and improve your skills in these activities.

The Beach Hut Sailing Centre strives for safety

Our instructors will take care of rigging and guidance of the equipment and your safety. They are watchful and available with some helpful hints to improve and develop your skills.

Lifejackets are obligatory, both for children and for adults. We have wetsuits, harnesses, helmets and gloves available. Safety briefing is conducted before each activity, with indication of wind direction, sea conditions, sailing areas, safety boats, etc.



Courses Description Duration Price
Kid’s Start Windsurfing Aimed at children until 16 years, using training-methods and equipment especially developed for children; content see Start windsurfing Course. 2 hrs 70€
4 hrs 100€
8 hrs 180€
Start Windsurfing Aimed at the complete beginner. Learn the basics of windsurfing using the right equipment, enabling you to sail to where you want to go and sail back to where you started in light winds. Knowledge of equipment, Starting, Control of board, Steering, Tacking. 5 hrs 150€
10 hrs 200€
Intermediate Windsurfing (Non-planing) Aimed at those who are able to sail on all points of sailing in light winds. New techniques such as the beachstart, fast tack, gybing and harness introduction and enabling you to sail on all points of sailing in stronger winds. 3 hrs 100€
6 hrs 180€
Intermediate Windsurfing (Planing) Aimed at the intermediate windsurfers who want to start feeling the speed. Enabling you to improve harness and footstrap techniques and getting the board planing and in control, combined with waterstart introduction. 3 hrs 100€
6 hrs 180€
Advanced Windsurfing (Funboard) Aimed to improve planing techniques and waterstart as well as board control in blasting conditions for speed and helping to master the planing jibe. 4 hrs 150€
Single Windsurfing Lesson Private lesson, theory and practice, from beginner to intermediate levels. 1 hr 50€
Equipment Rental
Beginners Equipment 25€ / hr    Advanced Equipment 30€ / hr
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